AES22 June 15-17, 2002, Espoo, Finland
International Conference on Virtual, Synthetic and Entertainment Audio

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Conference Venue

The conference takes place at the Helsinki University of Technology, Computer Science building. Street addresses especially for travelling by taxi, can be found in the travel guide as a separate page.


These maps will help you find and travel to/from the conference location:

Please note: the above maps have been updated 06.06.2002: the location of the pier to leave for banquet has changed!


The main lecture halls, lobby and a number of other rooms have been reserved for conference use. These are conveniently located around the main lobby. Oral sessions will be held in lecture hall T1 and posters in the lobby area. Lunch is served on the Sodexho cafeteria also next to the lobby.

Lecture hall T1

Lecture hall T1 is about 275 person hall equipped with modern AV-technology including two data projectors, a PC with high-speed network connection and standard presentation software, external connectors for presenter's own laptop (audio, video & network), a document camera, wired and wireless microphones etc.

Presentation slideshows, audio samples etc. can be transferred to the lecture hall PC using the following methods:

  • CD-ROM
  • Internet download using www, scp or ftp
  • Floppy disk(s)

Computer classroom

A computer classroom is available for conference participants. The classroom consists of about 12 PC workstations (possibly a couple of Macs as well) and provide high-speed network connections and standard office tools. SSH, FTP, email clients and common web browsers are installed for reading email or fetching files.


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HUT CS department: Main entrance
Main entrance
HUT CS department: Lobby
HUT CS department: Hall
HUT CS department: Cafe
HUT CS department: Stairs to T1
Stairs to T1
HUT CS department: T1 entrance
Entrance to T1
HUT CS department: Lecture hall T1
Lecture hall T1
HUT CS department: T1, view from audience
Presentation view
HUT CS department: T1, view towards audience
Presenter view
HUT CS department: T1, equipment
HUT CS department: Computer classroom
Computer class
HUT CS department: Computer classroom entrance
Computer class
HUT CS department: Computer classroom, pc closeup
Computer class,
PC closeup

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