Java Testing Application


With multitude of on-line systems access the Web nowadays, the Java platform becomes an important technology that can serve multimedia Web applications to be played on our system. Java developers cannot rely on their applets to work correctly on every system and therefore an application to test for Java capabilities has been developed. Basic Java support and audio capabilities are tested through the use of Java applets.

Can your browser play Java applets?

The Java Testing Application tries to determine what kind of Java support (if any at all) is available on your system. It will suggest downloading of both, browsers and Java platfoms, if the system is found to have basic components missing. Otherwise, some testing will be performed on the host machine to determine its Java and audio capabilities. The final results will be shown to the user at the end of the testing.

Other features

Reference audio samples
The application contains excerpts of sound and music samples. Please see this copyright notice and reference list for further information.

02.10.2003 Eduardo García Barrachina