VRML models of Echo and Anechoic Chambers

1998, HUT, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing

As a result of the Acoustics laboratory project course (S-89.900) in 1997-1998, we are proud to present VRML models of Echo and Anechoic Chambers. The models are created with original size information and textures based on measurements and photographs!

The course was organized in order to familiarize new students to project working. The VRML team consisted of first year undergraduate students, 3rd to nth year undergraduate students as team leaders and laboratory personnel:

More detailed information of the project can be found here (in Finnish).


Click here to enter the Echo Chamber Model Click here to enter the Anechoic Chamber Model

The models are VRML 2.0 and they have been created with 1) Notepad and 2) SGI CosmoWorlds software. In order to view them with your browser, you will need Cosmo player and plugin.

Note! The models are BIG (around 1 MB each with the audio) and detailed! Don't be surprised if it takes some time to load or the models don't operate smoothly in your machine. You have been warned.

The sound samples are about 10 seconds. Here you can find them directly as AIFF audio files, along with slightly longer versions as well.



The Fine Print

The models have a copyright by the project team members. You are not allowed to modify or distribute these models. You are allowed to enjoy the models.

If you wish to use these models for scientific research, educational purposes etc. please contact Martti Rahkila. (Especially, if you are interested in optimizing the VRML code :-)

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