Physical Modeling Using Different Digital Waveguide Techniques

The Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing at HUT has more than 10 years tradition in physical modeling of musical instruments and other sound sources using the digital waveguide approach, as introduced by Julius Smith. Recently we have been working on unification of different physical modeling approaches, including Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) schemes, Digital Waveguides (DWG), and Wave Digital Filters (WDF). This page gives a list of related information from our recent studies. Note that, in more recent references we use the term FDTD model structure instead of FDTD Waveguide. However, older links are kept for backwards compatibility.

  1. Old FDTD Waveguide Companion Page
  2. BlockCompiler for hybrid approach physical modeling
  3. Companion Page for "Digital Waveguides versus Finite Difference Structures: Equivalence and Mixed Modeling."

Further information will be provided and reorganized.

Matti Karjalainen
Cumhur Erkut

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