GuineaPig 2

guinea pig n
1: a small stout-bodied short-eared nearly tailless domesticated rodent (Cavia cobaya) often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research 2: a subject of scientific research, experimentation, or testing
- Webster

The GuineaPig2 is a continuation of the original Guinea Pig system which was done as a Tik-76.115 Software Project for the TKK Acoustics Laboratory. The original version was free. The new version is for TKK Acoustics Lab and Nokia. The GuineaPig2 system is designed and implemented by Jussi Hynninen of the TKK Acoustics Laboratory.

Here is a quick peek at the GP2 system:

The goal of the GuineaPig project is to build a system that automates the running of psychoacoustical listening tests. A variety of different test types will be implemented including such as AB-test, ABC-test, ...

For a short overview, see: Overview of GuineaPig 2.

More detailed description of the GuineaPig2 system can be found in Jussi Hynninen's master's thesis: A software-based system for listening tests.

Additional information about GP2 (manuals, API documentation, ...) for local users is here.

AES 106th Convention paper about the GuineaPig system

A presentation about GuineaPig system was held at the AES 106th Convention, May 8-11 1999, Munich, Germany. Valid HTML 4.0! Best Viewed With Any Browser
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