Evaluation of Modern Sound Synthesis Methods

In this report, several digital sound synthesis methods are described and evaluated.The methods are divided into four groups according to a taxonomy proposed by Smith. Representative examples of sound synthesis techniques in each group are chosen. The evaluation criteria are based on those proposed by Jaffe. The selected synthesis methods are rated with a discussion concerning each criterion.

You can download a gzipped PostScript version of the document here (about 1 Mb): sound_synth_report.ps.gz or a PDF version: sound_synth_report.pdf (PDF added 6/2004).

The report is also published in the Report Series of the HUT Acoustics Lab. Please contact Secretary Lea Söderman if you wish to obtain a printed copy.

Information on the Report follows:

Tolonen, Tero, Välimäki, Vesa & Karjalainen, Matti. Evaluation of Modern Sound Synthesis Methods. Report no. 48, Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing. HUT, Otaniemi, 1998. 114 p.

This URL: http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/publications/reports/sound_synth_report.html
Last modified: 03.07.1998
Author: Tero Tolonen