Splitting the Unit Delay -
Tools for Fractional Delay Filter Design

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Timo I. Laakso, Vesa Välimäki, Matti Karjalainen, and Unto K. Laine,
"Splitting the unit delay - tools for fractional delay filter design,"
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 13, no. 1, January 1996.

How to download the Matlab files
Description of the files

How to download

The file fdtools.zip has been compressed using pkzip. The Matlab files have been tested to run correctly on Unix, Macintosh, and Windows 3.xx platforms.

Description of the files

The accompanying set of MATLAB routines can be used to design fractional delay FIR and allpass filters and to plot their responses. The basic MATLAB and the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox are needed.

The Figures included in the above article can be plotted using the files FDFIR2.M and FDAP2.M. The former generates the magnitude and phase delay curves and the impulse responses for FIR fractional delay (FD) filters. The latter gives the phase delay responses and the impulse responses of the allpass fractional delay filters. These two functions use the other files which are the actual filter design functions and their subroutines.

The FIR FD package consists of the following 11 MATLAB routines (m-files):

The allpass FD package consists of the following MATLAB routines (m-files):

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Timo Laakso and Vesa Välimäki
London, January 26, 1996

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