The Ultimate Latex Makefile

This is a Latex Makefile that Does It All. It removes the burden of manually running latex and bibtex commands, compiling all the required dependencies automatically.

Get it here.


Drop the downloaded file in your LaTeX source directory, and run make. That should give you a nice DVI file.

The following options are available:

make pdf
Make PDF files out of all tex documents in the directory.
make ps
Make postscript files out of all tex documents in the directory.
make clean
Remove all the compilation results and intermediate files.
make foo.pdf
Make only foo.pdf, ignoring other source files in the directory.

If you prefer not to have the makefile complain about EPS file dependencies, comment the last lines out of the file. If you use the hyperref package, internal PDF hyperlinks will be automatically created.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


Improved cross-platform compatibility. Optional manual definition of dependencies. Patches submitted by Timo Kiravuo.
Tex file dependencies are now computed on a per-file basis (instead of per-directory, as before). Please report, whether this works better or worse than the previous version.
Handling of the included TeX files and dependencies is now more intelligent (a patch submitted by Rainer Jung)
Initial public release
Made the Makefile output somewhat less verbose
Fixed a simple bug in Bibtex file dependency detection
Added support for multiple Bibtex files

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