Project name
IST-2001-33059 Algorithms for the Modelling of Acoustic Interactions (ALMA)
Funding period
Nov. 1, 2001 - Oct. 31, 2004
ALMA is a FET project (Future and Emerging Technologies) in the EC 5th Framework Program. The goal of the ALMA project is to develop an elegant, general and unifying strategy for a block-wise design of physical models in sound synthesis. This approach is expected to follow a “divide-and conquer” approach, in which the elements of the structure are individually modelled and discretised, while their interaction topology is separately designed and implemented in a dynamical and physically sound fashion. One of the tasks of the TKK Acoustics Lab is, among others, to develop interconnections for physical modeling algorithms that are based on different modeling strategies, such as digital waveguide and finite difference time domain models.
Project director at TKK
Project personnel at TKK/Acoustics
Dr. Cumhur Erkut (part-time, Apr. 2003-Oct. 2004)
Paulo Esquef (part-time, Jan. 2003-April 2004)
Prof. Matti Karjalainen
Jyri Pakarinen (part-time, Sept. 2002-May 2003; full-time, June 2003-Aug. 2004)
Henri Penttinen (part-time, Sept. 2002-Oct. 2004)
Hannu Pulakka (June-August 2003)
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