Matlab Toolboxes

fdtools - Fractional Delay Toolbox for Matlab

This toolbox provides a set of MATLAB routines that can be used to design fractional delay FIR and allpass filters and to plot their responses. The basic MATLAB and the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox are needed.

warp - Warping Toolbox for Matlab

WarpTB is a MATLAB toolbox for frequency-warped signal processing. Practically any signal processing algorithm can be warped by replacing all the unit delay elements by first order allpass blocks. Frequency-warping changes the frequency resolution of the system. Using a suitable value for a warping coefficient LAMBDA, the frequency-resolution of the system approximates closely the frequency resolution of human auditory system. This makes frequency-warped signal processing techniques beneficial in many speech and audio signal processing applications.

hrtf - Head-Related Transfer Function Toolbox for Matlab

(this page is out of use)

HUTear Matlab Toolbox

The HUTear toolkit is a modular package which contains a generic frame for an auditory model and a set of modules which can be hooked into it to produce a model for some particular application.

Kautz - Matlab tools for Kautz filter design

A brief introduction to Kautz filters and descriptions of the included Matlab scripts and demos.

Modal decay estimation - Matlab software

Matlab software related to JAES October 2002 article and AES 110th Convention paper

Binaural cue selection toolbox for Matlab

Matlab software for the binaural auditory model presented in JASA November 2004 article "Source localization in complex listening situations: Selection of binaural cues based on interaural coherence".

Matsig - An object-oriented signal processing class library for MATLAB

Matsig is an object-oriented signal class library for MATLAB 6.5 and later. It implements a signal class, simplifying operations and manipulations common in audio signal processing and speech processing.


Aparat is a software toolkit and graphical user interface for glottal inverse filtering and glottal flow parametrisation. It works in MATLAB environment, using MATLAB 6.5 or later.

Other Software

VBAP software

Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) is a method for positioning virtual sources to multiple loudspeakers. The number of loudspeakers can be varying and they can be placed in an arbitrary 2-D or 3-D positioning. VBAP produces virtual sources that are as sharp as is possible with current loudspeaker configuration and amplitude panning methods, since it uses at one time the minimum number of loudspeakers needed, one, two, or three. The VBAP method has been developed by Ville Pulkki

Room acoustical modeling of an open-plan office by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

This Java Applet can be used for room acoustical modeling of an open-plan office. The software is provided by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and only hosted by the TKK Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing. Contact information: acousticlabturku @


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