Acoustics of musical instruments

The following table lists our musical instrument acoustics -related research in inverse chronological order. For some publications, the PDF-file and a companion web-page containing sound examples are provided. These can be found in the leftmost column.

Publication Short description
J. Pakarinen, H. Penttinen, and B. Bank, "Analysis of handling noises on wound strings" vol. 122, no. 6, pp. EL197-EL202, December 2007.
Contact sounds emanating from the sliding contact between a finger and wound strings are analyzed. It is found that the periodicity of the windings results in a harmonic structure, where the frequencies and amplitudes of the harmonics are controlled by the sliding velocity. Transversal string vibration creates the sense of a varying pitch, while longitudinal vibrations result in a static formant-like spectrum.

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Last modified: Nov 8, 2007
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