Real and Virtual acoustics

We have conducted research in analyzing and monitoring sound field in rooms, in a single position, using a custom sound intensity probe.

The main theme in virtual acoustics has been the DIVA project , which has ended year 2001. However, the research has continued in diffraction modeling for image source method and diffraction measurements in anechoic space. The research is conducted jointly with EVE Group at Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology.

The following table lists most important papers on real and virtual acoustics in inverse chronological order. For some publications, the PDF-file and a companion web-page containing sound examples are provided. These can be found in the leftmost column.

Publication Short description
J.Merimaa and T. Peltonen and T. Lokki "Concert Hall Impulse Responses - Pori, Finland,"
Measurement methods and comprehensive analysis of a set of impulse responses measured in the Pori Promenadikeskus concert hall a presented. All omnidirectional, binaural, B-format, and SIRR processed responses are available for download.
N/A T. Lokki and V. Pulkki "Measurement and theoretical validation of diffraction from a single edge," International Congress on Acoustics (ICA'2004), Vol. II, pp.929-932, Kyoto, Japan, April 4-9, 2004
The diffraction from one edge of a planar surface is measured by mounting a triangular plate to the corner of anechoic room between the wedges.
DEMO V. Pulkki and T. Lokki "Visualization of edge diffraction," Acoustics Research Letters Online (ARLO), vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 118-123, October 2003.
A visualization method has been developed for first- and second-order diffraction.
T. Lokki and V. Pulkki "Evaluation of geometry-based parametric auralization." Audio Engineering Society 22th Int. Conf on Virtual, Synthetic and Entertainment Audio pp. 367-376. June 15-17, Espoo, Finland
The virtual acoustics created with DIVA system are evaluated with listening tests. The acoustics was modeled using image-source method with and without diffraction components.
J. Merimaa and T. Lokki and T. Peltonen and M. Karjalainen "Measurement, Analysis, and Visualization of Directional Room Responses," presented at the 111th AES Convention, preprint 5449 (9 pages), New York, NY, USA, November 30 - December 3, 2001.
A method to extract and visualize directional information of room responses is proposed.
J. Merimaa "Applications of a 3-D Microphone Array," presented at the 112th AES Convention, preprint 5501, Munich, Germany, May 10-13, 2002.
Different application possibilities of a custom 3-D microphone array in directional analysis of sound fields and in sound recording are discussed.

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