Measurement and modeling of head-related acoustics

The acoustics near the listener head and the ears is studied in this project. We are revisiting some earlier work in this field with new measurement and modeling techniques.

Acoustical measurements. The group has been co-developing with Microflown Inc. miniature sensors for in-ear measurements from human subjects. The results are used to help and verify modeling work, to estimate the pressure signal at the ear drum, and to understand better the behavior of the acoustical field near the entrance of the ear canal in free field and headphone sound reproduction.

Scanning human subjects. The anthropometry of human subjects are scanned with suitable 3D imaging techniques. The obtained data is used for computational modeling of the acoustics, and also to print 3D models of the listeners for real acoustical measurements.

Modeling. Different numerical simulation methods such as boundary element modeling and finite element modeling methods are used to simulate the behavior of the acoustical field in various conditions. The results are used to verify thre results from other studies, and to develop techniques for sound reproduction.

Some selected publications Short description
N/A Hiipakka M, Karjalainen M, and Pulkki V "Estimating pressure at eardrum with pressure-velocity measurement from ear canal entrance" IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. New Paltz, NY, USA, October 18-21 2009
A method to use a pressure-velocity transducer to estimate the ear drum pressure from ear canal entrance measurements is introduced.

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