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Profile description examples

As mentioned above, the particular auditory model which is implemented using AudMod may be defined in a profile description file. A typical profile file is shown below:

% Profile_Plack98
% This profile corresponds to a revised temporal window model 
% presented in (Plack&Oxenham, 1998). 
% This file is a part of HUTear- Matlab toolbox for auditory
% modeling. The toolbox is available at 

% Copyrights: Aki Härmä, Helsinki University of Technology, 
% Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, 
% Espoo, Finland.
% Date: August 20 1999
% Email:
clear model;

% General parameters = 'Temporal window model (Plack & Oxenham, 1998)';
model.fs = 44100; % Sampling frequency
model.ds = 1;     % Outputs downsampled to rate fs/ds

% Outer and middle ear filtering'Fixed filter'; 

% Model for inner ear'Gammatone filterbank';'gammatone';;[200 22050];

% Mechanical to neural - haircell = 'Half-wave rectification, compression, and _filtering';
% Rectification
% Compression
% Smoothing
% Thresholding

% Neural adaptation ='Sliding temporal window function';
model.neural.function ='Plack98';

% Post-processing = 'Decibel scale';

It simply sets up a struct variable which control the the AudMod function. This profile description file defines a temporal window model introduced in [2]. The fields have been listed in 5.

One may use this with AudMod in the following two ways:

Load model struct into Matlab's workspace and use it with AudMod:

>> Profile_Plack98;
>> A=AudMod(signal,model);

Call AudMod so that the profile description file is used as an argument. In this case, AudMod loads the struct parameter and it is not visible in Matlab's workspace.

>> A=AudMod(signal,'Profile_Plack98');

There are four ready-made profile description files in the HUTear package. One may use them directly, or modify to produce a new model. The files are listed in Table 1 and they are placed in examples directory.

Table 1: Ready-made profile description files
Profile_file Modules Reference
Profile_Plack98.m Gammatone filterbank [2]
  Half-wave rectification  
  Nonlinear compression  
  Sliding temporal integrator  


Gammatone filterbank [3]
  Half-wave rectification  
  Low-pass filtering  
  Püschel's adaptation network  


Gammatone filterbank [4]
  Half-wave rectification  
  Low-pass filtering  
  Karjalainen's adaptation network  
Profile_Meddis91.m Gammatone filterbank [5]
  Meddis's IHC model  

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Aki Harma