The Audio Engineering Society 16th International Conference: Spatial Sound Reproduction, 10-12 April 1999


Measurement of cross-talk cancellation and equalization zones in 3-D sound reproduction under real listening conditions

1) Jose Javier Lopez, 1) Alberto Gonzalez, 2) Felipe Orduña-Bustamante

1) Departamento de Comunicaciones
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Gandia, Spain

2) Centro de Instrumentos
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Mexico D.F., Mexico

This paper presents an experimental evaluation of the robustness of cross-talk cancelers in real listening conditions. Performance of the system with respect to channel separation and size of the equalisation zones has been analysed. A system for head-related cross-talk cancellation of two-channel audio signals was implemented in a slightly reverberant listening room. Measurements in and around the listening position were carried out in order to evaluate the performance of the system. In order to improve performance, other configurations were tried on.

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