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Perception of Spatial Sound (7)

i82014 Durand Begault: Auditory and Non-Auditory Factors that potentially influence Virtual Acoustic Imagery (Invited)
i38442 David Griesinger: Objective measures of spaciousness and envelopment (Invited)
s55913 E. M. Wenzel: Effect of increasing system latency on localization of virtual sounds
s70716 J. Berg, F. Rumsey: Spatial attribute identification and scaling by Repertory Grid Technique and other methods
s07527 W.L. Martens: The impact of decorrelated low-frequency reproduction on auditory spatial imagery: Are two subwoofers better than one?
s58741 E. Benjamin, Y. Chen: Measurement of the localization performance of virtual surround systems using synthetic test signals
s68950 J. Daniel, J-B. Rault, J-D. Polack: Acoustic Properties and Perceptive Implications of Stereophonic Phenomena

Spatial Sound Reproduction and Applications (14)

s03707 N. Sincaglia, S. Rebaud: Product Design Considerations for Implementing 3D Audio Algorithms within Existing Multichannel Formats
s48310 R. Foss, A. Smith: A Distributed System for the Creation and Delivery of Ambisonic Surround Sound Audio
s40829 P. Lennox, T. Myatt, J.M. Vaughan: From surround to true 3-D
s47438 P. Flanagan, G. Dickins, L. Layton: Real-Time Virtual Acoustics for 5.1
s92120 J.J. Lopez, A. Gonzalez: Software Toolbox for 3D sound using Loudspeakers
s20051 C.I. Cheng, G.H. Wakefield: Spatial Frequency Response Surfaces (SFRS's): An Alternative Visualization and Interpolation Technique for Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF's)
s82740 W. Dale: A Machine-Independent 3D Positional Sound Application Programmer Interface to Spatial Audio Engines
s17623 T. Lokki, L. Savioja, J. Hiipakka: Immersive 3-D Sound Reproduction in a Virtual Room
s49525 S. Novikov, S. Grigoriev, D. Elyashev: Sound Moving Control for Home Theater Applications
s24928 M. Antila, H. Nykänen, K. Saarinen: Multichannel Electromechanical Film Panel Loudspeaker
s60930 P. Dutilleux, C. Müller-Tomfelde: AML | Architecture and Music Laboratory - A museum installation
s91133 M. Cooper, M. Pearson, H. Petrie: The computer synthesis and reproduction of 3D sound environments - research towards an implementation for blind students
s80055 Y. Kahana, P. A. Nelson, S. Yoon: Experiments on the synthesis of virtual acoustic sources in automotive interiors
s11717 K. Palomäki, V. Pulkki, M. Karjalainen: Neural network approach to analyze spatial sound localization

Psychoacoustics & Binaural Auditory Models (2)

i91359 Brian Moore: Controversies and Mysteries in Spatial Hearing (Invited)
s89218 V. Pulkki, M. Karjalainen, V. Välimäki: Localization, Coloration and Enhancement of Amplitude-Panned Virtual Sources

Binaural Technology: Theory and Implementation 1 (5)


Jean-Marc Jot (with co-authors V. Larcher, J.-M. Pernaux): A comparative study of 3D audio encoding and rendering techniques (Invited)

s73345 J. Huopaniemi, J.O. Smith: Spectral and Time-Domain Preprocessing and the Choice of Modeling Error Criteria for Binaural Digital Filters
s68608 C. Avendano, R.O. Duda, V.R. Algazi: Modeling the Contralateral HRTF
s95934 K. Hartung, J. Braasch, S.J. Sterbing: Comparison of different interpolation methods for the interpolation of head-related transfer functions
s52654 Y. Kahana, P. A. Nelson, M. Petyt, and S. Choi: Numerical modelling of the transfer functions of the external ear and of a dummy-head

Binaural Technology: Theory and Implementation 2 (4)

s33321 J.J. Lopez, A. Gonzalez, F. Orduña-Bustamante: Measurement of cross-talk cancellation and equalization zones in 3-D sound reproduction under real listening conditions
s97524 O. Kirkeby, P. Rubak, L.G. Johansen, P.A. Nelson: Implementing Cross-talk Cancellation Networks using Warped FIR Filters
s06949 K.C.K. Foo, M.O.J. Hawksford, M.P. Hollier: Optimization of virtual sound reproduced using 2 loudspeakers
s22906 A. Rimell: Immersive Spatial Audio for Telepresence Applications: System design and implementation

Multichannel Audio: Theory and Implementation 1 (3)

s82152 M. Bosi: High Quality Multichannel Audio: Trends and Challenges
s50601 F.J. Ampel: Multi-Channel audio as an Immersive Entertainment experience
s59711 U. Horbach, M.M. Boone: Future Transmission and Rendering Formats for Multichannel Sound

Multichannel Audio: Theory and Implementation 2 (7)

s16936 M. Flax, G. Dickins, A. McKeag, D. McGrath: Optimal 3D Speaker Panning
s23204 J. Pope, D. Creasey, A. Chalmers: Realtime Room Acoustics using Ambisonics
s66819 R. Nicol, M. Emerit: 3D-Sound Reproduction over an Extensive Listening Area: a Hybrid Method Derived from Holophony and Ambisonic
s57035 C. Müller-Tomfelde: Low-latency convolution for real-time applications
s03943 J. Norris: Creating Virtual Surround using Dipole and Monopole Pressure Fields
s27926 R. Dapelo, S. Macelloni: A real time algorithm for stereophonic multichannel localization of moving sound sources
s16309 G. Eckel: Applications of the CyberStage Spatial Sound Server

Subjective Evaluation and Listening Conditions for Spatial Sound (6)

i15258 Søren Bech: Methods for subjective evaluation of spatial characteristics of sound (Invited)
s15246 E. Arato-Borsi, A. Fuerjes: Investigation of listening conditions for multichannel sound systems
s28948 R. McGrath, T. Waldmann, M. Fernstrom: Listening to Rooms and Objects
s72053 A. Varla, A. Mäkivirta, I. Martikainen, M. Pilchner, R. Schoustal, C. Anet: Design of rooms for multichannel audio monitoring
s78357 A. Farina, E. Ugolotti: Subjective comparison between Stereo Dipole and 3D Ambisonics surround systems for automotive applications
s88447 N. Zacharov, J. Huopaniemi, M. Hämäläinen: Round robin subjective evaluation of VHT systems at the AES 16th International conference

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