The Audio Engineering Society 16th International Conference: Spatial Sound Reproduction, 10-12 April 1999


Design of rooms for multichannel audio monitoring

1) Ari Varla, 1) Aki Mäkivirta, 1) Ilpo Martikainen, 2) Martin Pilchner, 2) Richard Schoustal, 1) Christophe Anet

1) Genelec OY
Iisalmi, Finland

2) Schoustal Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There is a general understanding of how the monitoring speakers should be mounted and how the control room should be designed for best stereo performance.  Similar practices are missing for multichannel reproduction. In this work the general requirements for multichannel monitoring conditions are analyzed and discussed. This includes the installation of speakers in the control room, treating of room surfaces for optimum imaging, direct vs. reverberant field spectrum in the listening position and directivity requirements for speakers. Measurements are performed in a 1:10 scale model and the results verified in real room.

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