The Audio Engineering Society 16th International Conference: Spatial Sound Reproduction, 10-12 April 1999


Spectral and Time-Domain Preprocessing and the Choice of Modeling Error Criteria for Binaural Digital Filters

1) Jyri Huopaniemi, 2) Julius O. Smith III

1) Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland

2) CCRMA, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

In this paper, we discuss methods for preprocessing and digital filter design with application to 3-D sound. It is clear that binaural filter design can be optimized by taking into account such properties of human hearing as non-uniform frequency resolution and a logarithmic magnitude scale. We show that by choosing proper spectral and time-domain preprocessing techniques the choice of filter design method becomes a relatively trivial task. The validity of preprocessing methods is proved using a binaural auditory model. Filter design techniques based on optimizing the Hankel, Least squares and Chebyshev norms will be discussed.

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