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Flights and Availability

Finnair - Official Carrier [Flights to Rovaniemi] [Flights from Rovaniemi] [Finnair worldwide offices] [Finnair homepage] [Finnair flight search]

Finnair is the official airline of the AES 16th International Conference. On this page you will find up-to-date flight information to and from Rovaniemi, and links to online flight search facilities on the web. If you any questions concerning flights to Rovaniemi, please e-mail the conference secretariat at, or check the Finnair homepage at

The most straightforward way to get to Rovaniemi is to fly via Helsinki. From Helsinki, Finnair offers about 50 direct international flight destinations from Singapore and Tokyo to all major European cities and from New York to eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

March 25, 1999 Info on Rovaniemi Flights and AES Block Booking

Dear AES16 Delegate,

A number of people have again contacted us concerning flights to and from Rovaniemi. Although the online information on Finnair web pages shows fully booked for many flights, this is not the case for AES16 delegates. We still have about 100-120 free bookings for flights to Rovaniemi on Fri. April 9 and returning Mon. April 12.

However, please note that in order to use this block booking, you must contact a Finnair representative office. Normal travel agencies will not see the bookings nor can use the block booking codes. A list of Finnair worldwide offices and the block booking codes are available on this page.

With only two weeks to go, we will not be able to hold the block bookings for very much longer. Therefore we highly recommend that those of you who have not booked your flights, PLEASE DO IT ASAP! We are absolutely certain that there will be places for everyone, but once the bookings are released the prices will go up and we can not control the availability any longer.

In order to get a clear picture of the current situation, we would appreciate if those delegates who have not yet booked their flights would contact us by e-mail at This way we would be able to convince Finnair to hold the bookings for us a little longer.

Thank you very much & we look forward to seeing you soon in Rovaniemi!

March 12, 1999 AES Block Booking Info

We have learned that some Finnair offices require reservation codes in addition to the "AES" reference. These are now available here.

March 1, 1999 News about flights to Rovaniemi on April 9

Some delegates have enquired about flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on Friday, April 9. The Finnair reservation system is showing (as of March 1) that the two afternoon flights (AY429, AY431) are full. This is, however, not the case for AES16 delegates, since AES has block booking for four flights: AY427, AY429, AY431, and AY439. In order to reserve seats from the AES16 booking, the delegates are advised to do the following:

  • Contact or have your travel agency contact your local Finnair office (the AES16 quota is not visible for other agencies). Phone numbers of foreign Finnair offices are shown at the bottom of this page, and they can be found on the web from the Finnair homepage.
  • Use the reference AES to book flights on the leg Helsinki-Rovaniemi-Helsinki
  • Make your flight and hotel reservations soon!

Flights Helsinki (HEL)-Rovaniemi (RVN) Friday, April 9, 1999

Flight Departure Arrival Dep.time Arr.time Plane Stops For sale
AY425 Helsinki Rovaniemi 07.30 08.50 D95 - Available
AY423 Helsinki Rovaniemi 09.50 11.50 M87 1 Available
AY427 Helsinki Rovaniemi 12.15 13.35 M83 - Fully booked, but AES16 available
AY429 Helsinki Rovaniemi 16.00 17.20 M83 - Limited availability, but AES16 available
AY431 Helsinki Rovaniemi 19.35 20.55 D95 - Fully booked, but AES16 available
AY439 Helsinki Rovaniemi 23.35 01.30+1 M82 1 Available

Flights Rovaniemi (RVN)-Helsinki (HEL) Monday, April 12, 1999

Flight Departure Arrival Dep.time Arr.time Plane Stops For sale
AY440 Rovaniemi Helsinki 06.05 07.20 M82 - Available
AY426 Rovaniemi Helsinki 09.15 10.30 D95 - Available
AY424 Rovaniemi Helsinki 11.50 13.05 M87 - Available
AY428 Rovaniemi Helsinki 14.05 15.20 D95 - Fully booked, but AES16 available
AY430 Rovaniemi Helsinki 17.45 19.00 M83 - Fully booked, but AES16 available
AY432 Rovaniemi Helsinki 21.25 22.40 D95 - Available
© Copyright Finnair 1998, availability information printed on Mar. 24, 1999.

Finnair worldwide offices (telephone numbers)

For more information please visit our internet pages at or contact your travel agent or local Finnair office.

USA & CANADA participants toll free 1-800-221 8747 Conferences International Inc. (designated Finnair ticketing agency)
AMSTERDAM  (020) 316 4010
ATHENS  (01) 325 5234
BANGKOK  (02) 679-6671
BARCELONA (93) 478 3878
BEIJING  (010) 6512 7180
BERLIN  01803-346 624
BOSTON  (617) 482 4952
BRUSSELS  02) 218 2838
BUDAPEST  (01) 117 4022
COPENHAGEN  (33) 364 545
DUBLIN  (01) 844 6565
DUSSELDORF 01803-346 624
FRANKFURT  01803-346 624
GENEVA (022) 788 5980
GOTHENBURG  (031) 131 621
HAMBURG  01803-346 624
HELSINKI 9800 3466
KIEV  (044) 229 4363
LONDON  (0171) 408 1222
MANCHESTER  (0161) 436 2400
MILAN  (02) 809 458
MOSCOW  (095) 292 8788
MUNICH 01803-346 624
NEW YORK (212) 499 9000
NICE  9321 4556
OSAKA  (06) 347 0888
OSLO  8100 1100
PARIS  (01) 4742 3333
PETROZAVODSK  (814) 227 6176
PRAGUE  (02) 2421 1986
RIGA  724 3008
ROME (06) 6992 3541
ST. PETERSBURG  (812) 315 9736
SINGAPORE  (65) 733 3377
STOCKHOLM (08) 679 9330
STUTTGART  01803-346 624
SYDNEY  (02) 262 2980
TALLINN  6 110 950
TOKYO  (03) 3222 6801
TORONTO  (416) 222 0740
VIENNA  (0222) 587 5548
VILNIUS (2) 619 339
WARSAW  (022) 695 0811
WASHINGTON  (703) 534 7512
ZURICH  (01) 221 1460

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