DAFx-08 / Accepted papers

11th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 1-4, 2008
Espoo, Finland

Accepted papers

The following 65 papers have been accepted and will be presented at the DAFx-08 conference.

Title Author(s)
Asymmetric-Spectra Methods for Adaptive FM Synthesis Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Thomas Lysaght
Spectral Spatialization - An Overview WITHDRAWN David Kim-Boyle
Digital simulation of the diode ring modulator for musical applications Richard Hoffmann-Burchardi
Dispersion Modulation using Allpass Filters Jari Kleimola
Audio Synthesis by Bitwise Logical Modulation Jari Kleimola
Coefficient modulated first-order allpass filter as distortion effect Jussi Pekonen
Comb Filter Free Audio Mixing Using STFT Magnitude Spectra and Phase Estimation Volker Gnann, Martin Spiertz
Improvement of Band Extension Technique for G.711 Telephony Speech Based on Full Wave Rectification Naofumi Aoki
An Experimental Comparison of Time Delay Weights for Direction of Arrival Estimation Tuomo W. Pirinen
Evaluating parameters of time-varying sinusoids by demodulation Xue Wen, Mark Sandler
Robustness and independence of voice timbre features under live performance acoustic degradations Dan Stowell, Mark Plumbley
Delay-free audio coding based on ADPCM and error feedback Martin Holters, Christian R. Helmrich, Udo Zölzer
An Amplitude- and Frequency Modulation Vocoder for Audio Signal Processing Sascha Disch, Bernd Edler
Direct Simulation for Wind Instrument Synthesis Stefan Bilbao
Analysis-and-Manipulation Approach to Pitch and Duration of Musical Instrument Sounds without Distorting Timbral Characteristics Takehiro Abe, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata, Hiroshi G. Okuno
 Frame Level Audio Similarity - A Codebook Approach Klaus Seyerlehner, Gerhard Widmer, Peter Knees
On the Numerical Solution of the 2D Wave Equation with Compact FDTD Schemes Maarten van Walstijn, Konrad Kowalczyk
Improved control for selective minimization of masking using inter-channel dependancy effects Enrique Perez Gonzalez, Joshua D. Reiss
Identification of Individual Guitar Sounds by Support Vector Machines Kerstin Dosenbach, Wolfgang Fohl, Andreas Meisel
Generalization of the Derivative Analysis Method to Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Modeling Sylvain Marchand, Philippe Depalle
Modulation and demodulation of steerable ultrasound beams for audio transmission and rendering Mathias Barbagallo, Mendel Kleiner, Augusto Sarti
On the Window-Disjoint-Orthogonality of Speech Sources in Reverberant Humanoid Scenarios Sylvia Schulz, Thorsten Herfet
Sliding with a constant Q Russell Bradford, John ffitch, Richard Dobson
Vocal melody detection in the presence of pitched accompaniment using harmonic matching methods Vishweshwara Rao, Preeti Rao
Real-Time Dissonancizers: Two Dissonance-Augmenting Audio Effects Matthew Hoffman, Perry Cook
Improved Hidden Markov Model Partial Tracking Through Time-Frequency Analysis Corey Kereliuk, Philippe Depalle
Audio analysis in PWGLSynth Vesa Norilo, Mikael Laurson
Time Mosaics - An Image Processing Approach To Audio Visualization Jessie Xin Zhang, Jacqueline Whalley, Stephen Brooks
Automated Rhythmic Transformation of Musical Audio Jason Hockman, Matthew Davies, Juan Bello, Mark Plumbley
Two-step modal identification for increased resolution analysis of percussive sounds Mathieu Lagrange, Bertrand Scherrer
Nonlinear modeling of a guitar loudspeaker cabinet David Yeh, Balazs Bank, Matti Karjalainen
Simulating guitar distortion circuits by wave digital and Kirchhoff domain methods David Yeh, Julius Smith
Computer-Generating Emotional Music: The Design of an Affective Music Algorithm Isaac Wallis, Todd Ingalls, Ellen Campana
Modelling contact of solid objects by piece-wise linear approximation Matthias Rath
A nonlinear digital model of the EMS VCS3 Voltage Controlled Filter Marco Civolani, Federico Fontana
Analysis of piano tones using an inharmonic inverse comb filter Heidi-Maria Lehtonen
An augmented reality audio headset Miikka Tikander, Matti Karjalainen, Ville Riikonen
3D interactive environment for music collection navigation Rebecca Stewart, Mark Levy, Mark Sandler
On the control of the phase of resonant filters with applications to percussive sound modeling Mathieu Lagrange, Nathan Whetsell, Philippe Depalle
Binaural Partial Tracking Martin Raspaud, Gianpaolo Evangelista
Detection and identification of sparse audio tampering using distributed source coding and compressive sensing techniques Giorgio Prandi, Giuseppe Valenzise, Marco Tagliasacchi, Augusto Sarti
Physical parameters of an oscillator changed by active control Henri Boutin, Charles Besnainou
Automatic alignment of music audio and lyrics Annamaria Mesaros, Tuomas Virtanen
A modified FM synthesis approach to bandlimited signal generation Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini, Tom Lysaght
Spectutils - An Audio Signal Analysis and Visualization Toolkit for GNU Octave Kai Lassfolk, Jaska Uimonen
Channel separation based on spatial analysis Dae-young Jang, Jeongpyo Hong, Hoe-Kyung Jung, Kyeongok Kang
The PluckSynth Touch String Fredrik Eckerholm, Gianpaolo Evangelista
Score level timbre transformations of violin sounds Alfonso Perez, Jordi Bonada, Esteban Maestre, Enric Guaus, Merlijn Blaauw
Instrument Reusability Scheme in PWGLSynth Mikael Laurson, Vesa Norilo, Mika Kuuskankare
Inverting dynamics compression with minimal side information Benoit Lachaise, Laurent Daudet
Identifying function-specific prosodic cues for non-speech user interface sound design Kai Tuuri, Tuomas Eerola
Detecting arrivals within room impulse responses using matching pursuit Guillaume Defrance, Laurent Daudet, Jean-Dominique Polack
Quality Estimation Of Time-Scale Modified Signals Margus Muskat
Acoustic Features for Music Piece Structure Analysis Jouni Paulus, Anssi Klapuri
Real-time detection and visualization of clarinet bad sounds Aggelos Gkiokas, Kostas Perifanos, Stefanos Nikolaidis
Hybrid Room Impulse Response Synthesis in Digital Waveguide Mesh Based Room Acoustics Simulation Damian Murphy, Mark Beeson, Simon Shelley, Alastair Moore, Alex Southern
Wave digital components beyond bilinear mapping for physical modeling and sound synthesis WITHDRAWN Matti Karjalainen
Sound Transformation by Descriptor using an Analytic Domain Graham Coleman, Jordi Bonada
Multiple-F0 tracking based on a high-order HMM note model Wei-Chen Chang, Alvin Yu Wen Su, Chunghsin Yeh, Axel Roebel, Xavier Rodet
Multi-Feature Modeling of Pulse Clarity: Design, Validation, and Optimisation Olivier Lartillot, Tuomas Eerola, Petri Toiviainen, Jose Fornari
Time and Pitch Scale Modification: A Real-time Framework and Tutorial Dan Barry, David Dorran, Eugene Coyle
Wide-band Harmonic Sinusoidal Modeling Jordi Bonada
Inferring the hand configuration from hand clapping sounds Antti Jylhä, Cumhur Erkut
A supervised learning approach to ambience extraction from mono recordings for blind upmixing Christian Uhle, Christian Paul
Simulation of piano sustain-pedal effect by parallel second-order filters Stefano Zambon, Heidi-Maria Lehtonen, Balázs Bank

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