DAFx-08 / Registration

11th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 1-4, 2008
Espoo, Finland

How to register?

Registration is a two-step process. Please, notice, that your registration is not complete until you have completed both steps!


1. Registration to the event is done by an online registration system. First, you must register as a user in the system by filling the form at


(Note: People from TKK do not need to create a user account. You can use the TKK service password for logging in.)

2. When you have successfully filled in the registration form, an e-mail with the activation instructions is sent to your e-mail address. Follow the instructions in the e-mail.


1. When you have activated the user account and logged in, the system will direct you automatically to the right form. If this doesn't happen for some reason, you can fill in the form at


In this case, select 'Users from outside of TKK' as a login option.

2. Save the form and click the "Submit" button

3. Select the payment method and click the "Proceed with payment" button

Thank you for registration!

If you have any problems with registration, please contact dafx-08@acoustics.hut.fi

Please, remember to reserve your accommodation separately and well in advance!

Registration fees


Full-time student*

Members of the Acoustical Society of Finland

The DAFx-08 registration fee is all inclusive. Access to all oral and poster presentations, keynote talks, tutorials, demos, lunches, coffee breaks, the concert, and the banquet is covered by the same registration fee.

If you would like to have extra tickets for the concert and the banquet, please let us know beforehand by sending email to dafx-08@acoustics.hut.fi. These tickets can be claimed during the conference at the registration desk.

* You must provide proof of your student status to get the student discount. Please, attach your student status certificate. Valid filetypes are zip, pdf, doc, txt.

Author registration

Please remember that at least one author must be registered for the conference by June 11, 2008. Failure to have at least one such registration will result in removal of the paper from the technical program.

Conference partners

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