DAFx-08 / Slides and Multimedia Info

11th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 1-4, 2008
Espoo, Finland

Slides and Additional Multimedia Material

In addition to the on-line proceedings, we want to continue the tradition of providing slides and media links related to the conference on the web.

1) SLIDES AND POSTERS [Pdf-format]

Please send the slides you used during your presentation to dafx08slides@gmail.com. If you used some copyrighted material like pictures in the slides, the easiest thing is to refer to the source, or remove, or replace them. Pdf-format is preferred. 1 to 4 slides per page is recommended. If possible reduce also the size of the pdf-file (File-> Reduce File Size).

NOTE! Please name your files in the following way:

slides_nnn.pdf or poster_nnn.pdf

where nnn represents the first page of your paper in the proceedings. See your printed proceedings for your page number or ask us.

This naming convention is important since we are going to receive a lot of files (we hope!). Thanks for taking care of this detail too.

2) MULTIMEDIA LINKS [Web-links preferred]

The file size of sound and video examples can often become quite large. Hence, we suggest a distributed layout of files, so that the authors setup an accompanying web-page. A few examples:

If you don't have the possibility to create a web-site please zip your example-files and send them to dafx08slides@gmail.com.

Deadline for sending these files/links is 19.9.2008.
Please send them to dafx08slides@gmail.com.

Conference partners

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