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Authors' Guide

Email Instructions

Instructions for Submitting Final Papers via FTP

Note!We have managed to push back the deadline for final papers a little. The new absolute, final deadline for both paper and electronic manuscripts is now Monday, January 11th, 1999!

  1. Prepare your manuscript using the document templates. Follow the instructions carefully.

  2. Print your paper out and check that it is compliant with the template instructions. Send two (2) hardcopies of the paper to AES16 conference secreteriat accompanied with conference registration and copyright notice. All final submission must have been received no later that January 1st, 1999.

  3. Prepare PostScript or PDF or preferably both files using proper file names ( and paper_number.pdf) and upload them to (with ftp client you might need username anonymous and your email@address as the password). Please include a text file with the name papernumber.txt which contains: title, authors, contact address (mail,email, url), 60-word abstract and list of files. Some time after that you will receive a confirmation email from the paper chairman that he has succesfully received your files.

    For additional information on PostScript and PDF, you might want to visit the Ghostscript homepage

    Note! For security reasons, you will not be able to see anything in the upload directory, even if you just uploaded something!

    Note2! We have had problems with some already uploaded files. Please use binary mode for ftp and/or compress files with zip,gzip,stuffit or similar compression software. This will not only save some diskspace but help us detecting errors. Thank you.

  4. Continue with the celebration of the New Year 1999 :-)

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