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Conference Statistics


  • 173 delegates (160 scientific program, 13 accompanying persons)
  • 19 countries represented
  • 41 authors

Abstracts & Papers

  • 59 abstracts (58 via email/WWW, 1 via fax (propably because the author was temporarily away from his emails))
  • 102 authors
  • 50 papers fit into the program
  • 2 cancellations
  • 1 cancellation of cancellation
  • First full paper arrived 1 month before the deadline
  • Last two papers arrived 1 month after the deadline (and two guilty looking committee members)


  • approx 300 emails went through the aes16 service address
  • approx 1000 conference related emails was received by each committee member
  • minor problems with service addresses... Conference Secretary received one particular email 300 times


  • 107737 hits during 7 months before the conference (August 1998 - April 1999)
  • the main page was requested 9044 times during the same period
More statistics when the archives are complete...

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