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Posters and Presentations

Oral Presentations

Authors are invited to prepare a 25 minute oral presentation which is to include 5 minutes for questions. This time limit will be strictly enforced in the interest of preserving the schedule.

You are asked to present in English and ensure that your presentation overheads are clear and employ large fonts (~24pt).

An overhead projector will be available, in addition to speech reinforcement. It is also possible for you to make presentations with your own PC. A standard CRT/video projector with normal VGA inputs will be available.

The auditorium will be fitted out with a 5.1 AV reproduction system. Available equipment will consist of:

  • Sony PCM800
  • Alesis ADAT
  • DAT
  • CD
  • DVD player
  • Sample Rate Ssystems: 5.1 decoder (Dolby Digital and DTS supported)
  • 5 x Genelec 1032A
  • 2 x Genelec 1094A subwoofers
If are considering a demonstration as part of your presentation, you are advised to inform us in advance of the conference. We would also ask you to setup you demonstration prior to your session, to allow for testing and debugging.

If you have any other or special requirements for your presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Poster Presentations

Poster must be made to fit an area of 1.55m high x 0.99m wide ( approx 61 x 39").

At the begining of the poster session, all authors are requested to present a ONE MINUTE introduction to their poster. This time limit will be STRICTLY enforced. This session will occur between 11:40-12:00 on Saturday.

Authors are also requested to present their poster for at least 1.5 hrs during the poster session. Please state clearly the times when you will be available at your poster between 11:40-15:30, to allow people to visit your poster and discuss with you. We also request that the posters be left up until Monday morning.

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