The Seventh International Conference on Auditory Display

Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

29th of July - 1st of August 2001

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ICAD2001 program version 23.7.2001

SUNDAY 29.7.2001      
12.00-13.00 Registration    
13.00-14.30 Tutorial I P. Cook Physically Based Sound Synthesis
14.30-15.00 Coffee Break    
15.00-16.30 Tutorial II L. Savioja et al. Auditory Displays in Virtual Rooms
18.00-23.00 Get Together Party    
MONDAY 30.7.2001      
08.00-09.00 Registration    
09.00-09.20 Opening session    
09.20-10.30 Sonification    
Long M. Barra et al. Universita di Salerno Personal Webmelody: Customized Sonification of Web Servers
  M. H. Hansen and B. Rubin Bell Laboratories Babble Online: Applying Statistics and Design to Sonify the Internet
  F. Winberg and S. T. Hellström Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Qualitative Aspects of Auditory Direct Manipulation a Case Study of the Towers of Hanoi
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break    
11.00-12.20 3D / Immersive sound    
  P. Minnaar, S. K. Olesen, F. Christensen, and H. Möller Aalborg University The Importance of Head Movements for Binaural Room Synthesis
  T. Lokki and H. Järveläinen Helsinki University of Technology Subjective Evaluation of Auralization of Physics-Based Room Acoustics Modeling
  G. Lorho, J. Marila, and J. Hiipakka Nokia Research Center Feasibility of Multiple Non-Speech Sounds Presentation Using Headphones
  D. Rocchesso Universita degli Studi di Verona Acoustic Cues for 3-D Shape Information
12.20-12.30 Poster Introductions (1min/poster)    
12.30-13.30 Lunch    
13.30-14.20 Posters/demos    
  E. Childs Dartmouth College The Sonification of Numerical Fluid Flow Simulations
  C. Chafe and R. Leistikow Stanford University Levels of Temporal Resolution in Sonification of Network Performance
  M. Quinn and L. D. Meeker University of New Hampshire Research Set to Music: The Climate Symphony and Other Sonifications of Ice Core, Radar, Dna, Seismic and Solar Wind Data
  T. L. Bonebright, M. A. Nees, T. T. Connerly, and G. R. McCain DePauw University Testing the Effectiveness of Sonified Graphs for Education: A Programmatic Reseach Project
  G. Evreinov   Spotty: Imaging Sonification Based on Spot-Mapping and Tonal Volume
demo J.D. Miller NASA Ames Research Center SLAB: A Software-Based Real-Time Virtual Acoustic Environment Rendering System
demo B. Walker and D. M. Lane Rice University Sonification Mappings Database on The Web
demo M. Fernström, N. Griffith, and S. Taylor University of Limerick Bliain le Baisteach - Sonifying a Year with Rain
demo T. Ilmonen Helsinki University of Technology Mustajuuri - An Application and Toolkit for Interactive Audio Processing
14.20-15.00 Keynote: M. Karjalainen Helsinki University of Technology Modeling of Psychoacoustics and Auditory Perception: How Far Can We Go? slides in PDF
15.00-15.20 Psycho-acoustics & perception    
  T. L. Bonebright DePauw University Perceptual Structure of Everyday Sounds: A Multidimentional Scaling Approach
15.20-15.50 Coffee Break    
15.50-17.00 Psycho-acoustics & perception    
Long M. Mellody and G. H. Wakefield University of Michigan A Tutorial Example of Stimulus Sample Discrimination in Perceptual Evaluation of Synthesized Sounds: Discrimination Between Original and Re-synthesized Singing
  A. Walker and S. Brewster University of Glasgow "Sitting Too Close to the Screen Can Be Bad for Your Ears": A Study of Audio-Visual Location Discrepancy Detection Under Different Visual Projections
  B. N. Walker and D. M. Lane Rice University Psychophysical Scaling of Sonification Mappings: A Comparison of Visually Impaired and Sighted Listeners
18.00-23.00 Banquet    
TUESDAY 31.7.2001      
08.00-09.00 Registration    
09.00-10.10 Psycho-acoustics & perception    
Long N. Zacharov and K. Koivuniemi Nokia Reseach Center Audio Descreptive Analysis & Mapping of Spatial Sound Displays
  M. M. J. Houben, A. Kohlrausch, and D. J. Hermes IPO, Center for User-System Interaction Auditory Cues Determining the Perception of the Size and Speed of Rolling Balls
  J. G. Neuhoff The College of Wooster Perceiving Acoustic Orientation in Three Dimensional Space
10.10-10.40 Coffee Break    
10.40-12.10 Earcons, auditory icons and assistive technology    
Long P. M. C. Lemmens, M. P. Bussemakers, and A. de Haan University of Nijmegen Effects of Auditory Icons and Earcons on Visual Categorization: The Bigger Picture
  S. Ronkainen Nokia Mobile Phones Earcons in Motion - Defining Language for an Intelligent Mobile Device
  M. Fernström and E. Brazil University of Limerick Sonic Browsing: An Auditory Tool for Multimedia Asset Management
  C. Demarey and P. Plenacoste Trigone Laboratory, France User, Sound Context and Use Context: What Are Their Roles in 3D Sound Metaphors Design?
12.10-12.20 Poster Introductions (1min/poster)    
12.20-13.10 Lunch    
13.10-14.10 Posters/demos    
  R. Bresin and A. Friberg Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Expressive Musical Icons
  P. Rutherford and D. Withington University of Leeds The Application of Virtual Acoustic Techniques for the Development of an Auditory Navigation Beacon Used in Building Emergency Egress
  K. van den Doel and D. K. Pai University of British Columbia JASS: A Java Audio Synthesis System for Programmers
  P. P. Lennox, J. M. Vaughan, and T. Myatt University of York 3D Audio as an Information-Environment: Manipulating Perceptual Significance for Differentiation and Pre-Selection
demo J.D. Miller NASA Ames Research Center SLAB: A Software-Based Real-Time Virtual Acoustic Environment Rendering System
demo B. Walker and D. M. Lane Rice University Sonification Mappings Database on The Web
demo M. Fernström, N. Griffith, and S. Taylor University of Limerick Bliain le Baisteach - Sonifying a Year with Rain
demo T. Ilmonen Helsinki University of Technology Mustajuuri - An Application and Toolkit for Interactive Audio Processing
14.10-15.30 Perceptual aspects of 3D sound    
Invited R. Pellegrini Studer Professional Audio AG Quality Assessment of Auditory Virtual Environments
Long D. S. Brungart and B. D. Simpson Air Force Research Laboratory Distance-Based Speech Segregation in Near-Field Virtual Audio Displays
  B. Shinn-Cunningham, T. Streeter, and J.-F. Gyss Boston University Perceptual Plasticity in Spatial Auditory Displays
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break    
16.00-16.40 Perceptual aspects of 3D sound    
  E. M. Wenzel NASA Ames Research Center Effect of Increasing System Latency on Localization of Virtual Sounds with Short and Long Duration
  D. Waters and H. Abulula University of Leeds The Virtual Bat: Echolocation in Virtual Reality
16.40-17.20 Keynote: W. Martens University of Aizu Psychophysical Calibration for Controlling the Range of a Virtual Sound Source: Multidimensional Complexity in Spatial Auditory Display
18.00-23.00 Trip to Nuuksio Nationalpark    
WEDNESDAY 1.8.2001      
08.00-09.00 Registration    
09.00-10.30 Sonification    
Long T. Hermann, M. H. Hansen, and H. Ritter Bielefeld University Sonification of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations
  R. Upson Portland State University Sonifications as Mathematics Teaching Tools
  J. H. Flowers, L. E. Whitwer, D. C. Grafel, and C. A. Kotan Univerity of Nebraska - Lincoln Sonification of Daily Weather Records: Issues of Perception, Attention and Memory in Design Choices
  F. Dombois GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology Using Audification in Planetary Seismology
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break    
11.00-12.00 ICAD Business meeting session + Open Mic    
12.00-13.00 Lunch    
13.00-13.20 Introduction for ICAD 2002 in Japan    
13.20-14.40 3D / Immersive sound    
  J. Freeman and J. Lessiter University of London Hear, There and Everywhere:The Effects of Multichannel Audio on Presence
  J. A. Ballas, D. Brock, J. Stroup, and H. Fouad Naval Research Lab The Effect of Auditory Rendering on Perceived Movement: Loudspeaker Density and HRTF
  V. Pulkki and M. Karjalainen Helsinki University of Technology Directional Quality of 3-D Amplitude Panned Virtual Sources
  P. Larsson, D. Västfjäll, and M. Kleiner Chalmers University of Technology Ecological Acoustics and the Multi-Modal Perception of Rooms: Real and Unreal Experiences of Auditory-Visual Virtual Environments
14.40-15.10 Coffee Break    
15.10-16.50 Auditory displays in PDA/games    
  G. Tzanetakis and P. Cook Princeton University Marsyas3D: A Prototype Audio Browser-Editor Using A Large Scale Immersive Visual and Audio Display
  S. Helle, G. Leplatre, J. Marila, and P. Laine Nokia Mobile Phones Menu Sonification in a Mobile Phone - A Prototype Study
  H. M. Kamel and P. Roth UC Berkeley Graphics and User's Exploration Via Simple Sonics (GUESS): Providing Interrelation Representation of Objects in a Non-Visual Environment
  C. Müller-Tomfelde and S. Steiner GMD - Integrated Publication and Information System Institute Audio Enhanced Collaboration at an Electronic White Board
  A. Teppo and P. Vuorimaa Helsinki University of Technology Speech Interface Implementation for XML Browser
16.50-17.00 Closing remarks    
17.00-17.45 Capstone    
THURSDAY 2.8.2001      
9.00-12.00 Additional demos at HUT    
8.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.00 Workshop on Sound Perception (admission is free) Program of this workshop (Updated 27.6.2001) Organised by "the Sounding Object" (IST-FET EU Project: and supported by the European Initiative on "the Disappearing Computer" (
FRIDAY 3.8.2001      
12.00 Ville Pulkki's public defense of his dissertation (opponent Dick Duda) The dissertation will be held at Sibelius Academy chamber music hall. Demos will be presented with a 24-channel reproduction system.   Title of the PhD Dissertation:
Spatial Sound Generation and Perception by Amplitude Panning Techniques  

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